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    Welcome to ASTRO DHAAM

    Courses Available – Astrology, Numerology, Vastu, Ramal, Remedial, Tarot & Workshops.

    Astrology services in Nawada, Uttam Nagar​

    Astro Dhaam offers valid and certified soothsaying forecasts of an individual. It is finished by concentrating on the birth subtleties of an individual. We give result-arranged answers for our clients all over the planet so they accomplish the most extreme fulfillment. Soothsaying is the second name of the God, which isn’t spread in one piece of the universe, meaning it is spread in the entire universe. Planet and star position of the locals during their introduction to the world assume a significant part in Astrology services in Nawada, Uttam Nagar.

    Astrology services in Nawada are developing step by step, a reason for individuals’ are much inquisitive to be aware of their future life, as well as they get energized that, what will occur and where their life will go therefore Astrology administrations are spread in entire universes.

    1. Lal-Kitab
    2. Numerology
    3. Gemstone
    4. Panna Stone

    Astrology Course In Janakpuri, Dwarka

    Astrology Course In Janakpuri, Dwarka an Art of the Science of Astronomical Observation which delivers human intentions to the right path Forget the services which are directives that do not lead to a solution but to self-deception. 

    As a notion of philosophic importance of dharma veda, the duty as a parent is to guide the offspring – Santati. As a foster parenting entity Astrology Course In Janakpuri, Dwarka – the Astrology becomes the entity of the guiding path to enlightenment or the pathway to invocate education and literacy in general whilst – the ideation of the same is different for various walks in life ans style of living. Vedic Astrology / (Termed as Western).

    Other Relics such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the Guru oriented Religions which preach the Atharva Veda with Sama Veda and Yajurveda even; unfortunately there is no Idolation which is Rig Veda. The belief of humanity exists only as the Experience of God and Goddess, alone! other terms as respected as the language of the Origin of their Civilizations).

    All services about Numerology and astrology

    Since the beginning of his existence, humanity has always wanted to predict the future and know what it helds: to do this it is based on many kinds of practices, more or less successfully. It is especially the case of numerology and astrology. Thanks to our website, you will be able to benefit from the advantages of numerology and astrology.

    Best Astrologers in Nawada, Janakpuri​

    Best Astrologers in Nawada, Janakpuri is often criticized because of its lack of scientific founding principle, this arcane practice yet helps many people in get ahead in life: it consists in prédicting the future with dedicated tools like crystal balls, tarot cards or pendulum as well. So you will finally be able to get a clearer picture and have a peaceful life.

    Our Services



    Astrology is a amazing science. Horoscope get the answer to every question. basically astrology, birth chart are called Kundali . which are very significant and are based on movement of stars.

    Tarot Card

    The tarot cards give us this privilege. That we first see the result, then take any further decision. It’s not magic tarot cards are a sacred mirror.

    Lal Kitab

    The Lal kitab gives us exactly the right solution and right prediction which makes our life easier.


    The Vastu astrology helps you create a balance between a particular planet’s energy as per Vastu with the strength and weakness of each planet in your horoscope.


    Very good predication by numerology. because number energy works a lot around us.


    Palmistry is the art of analyzing the physical features of the hand to interpret personality, characteristics and predict future happenings.

    Divorce Problem

    Usually, couples end their fight by taking Divorce but if you need a solution to this Problem then take an astrological solution which is effective to stop their separation soon.

    Breakup Problem

    There are many couples who face the Breakup Problem and now they can get a much effective solution just for soon patch up with loved one by using astrological remedies..

    Marriage Problem

    When a couple is married or unmarried they do have to face some Marriage Problems, but now a person could get its genuine solution based on astrology that solves those issues.

    Have you been facing problems in your personal or work life, which you cannot explain? Do you think that luck has left your side, and that everything you do falls apart at the last moment? Sometimes even our best efforts cannot ensure success for us, because our very destiny is working against us. When our stars are at a fault, our efforts can do little to change what we get. Do not despair just because you are going through a bad time. Call the globally renowned astrologer.

    Acharya Dimple ji today, and found an answer to every question. Whether you are having problems with your marriage, or your business is going slow, whether you have fallen in love with someone who doesn’t love you, or you are looking for some definite career advice, Acharya Dimple ji, specialist in astrology service, will help you find the solutions for all your questions and make sure that you get to lead a happy and successful life.Find love, have a happy and financially secure life, and never stray from the path the destiny herself has picked for you. Consult the world famous, expert and professional astrologer Acharya Dimple ji today and turn your life around. Benefit from the following services:

    1. Love Psychic services
    2. Divorce and Separation resolution
    3. Family Problem solutions
    4. Vedic Astrology services
    5. Career consultation and advice
    6. Horoscope services
    7. Special prayer services

    Whether you are having your problems with your spouse, or you think your partner is cheating on you, we can help you know for sure what the problem is, and then help you put a stop to all the negativity in your life. Find a new job, and get a great start for your life. Beat your competitors and leave everyone behind as you race all the way to success. There is no problem too big for Acharya Dimple ji, and you will find a definite solution to it at our Nawada, Uttam Nagar office. To assure you that we have the solution to your problems, we even offer you 1 question from Acharya Dimple ji for free, so that you can be completely sure before you make an appointment with us. If you need any additional assistance or help, contact me:- 91+9873530830

    Acharya Dimple ji


    The Best Astrologer in Delhi Have experience of 9 Years in the field of Astrology. Take control of your professional destiny.


    Acharya Dimple Ji is rated as the best astrologer in south Delhi near you. Bring your love, marriage, family, money, Problem of your career contact to Astro Dham and get solved them. Acharya Dimple Ji can see your upcoming life problems and guide you on how to deal with them.

    ● WHAT DO WE DO?

    Acharya Dimple Ji renowned professional
    astrologer in in Delhi NCR endowed with the gift of foretelling the future  through proper insights and unparalleled accuracy in eliminating  disbelief and
    negative influence in the lives of people


    Astrology Course in Delhi




     Vedic Astrology Course



    यदि आपके जीवन मे निरंतर समस्या आ रही हे,यदि परिवार मे कलेश,नोकरी, व्यवसाय मे मे रुकावट दिक्कत शरारिक या मानसिक रोग, प्रेम विवाह,मे रुकावट, संतान की प्राप्ति नहीं हो पा रही, सभी तरीको की समस्या के सामाधान के लिए कॉल करे Acharya dimple ji-9873530830 

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