Vastu shastra services in Gurgaon, Delhi

Vastu is an old Indian shaastra of engineering and structures which helps in making a friendly setting or a spot to live and work in a most logical manner exploiting the advantages presented essentially, its components and energy fields for improved riches, wellbeing, success and bliss. Vastu shastra services in Gurgaon, Delhi brings together the science, cosmology and crystal gazing; it can likewise be said as an antiquated spiritualist science for planning and building.

                Home Vastu

  1. What to construct in which direction basis 16 division
  2. Worship Room
  3. Sequential explanation of worship room as per each direction and importance of these
  4. Direction Wise Result for Will
  5. Boring
  6. Direction Wise Result for Boring
  7. Over Head Tank
  8. Direction Wise Result Over Head Tank
  9. Underground Storages Tank
  10. Direction Wise Result Underground Storages Tank
  11. Rain water
  12. Security Guard Stay Room
  13. Staircase
  14. Sequential explanation of where should stairs be and where not
  15. Kitchen
  16. Sequential explanation of where all kitchen can be and its impact as per each direction
  17. Drawing room
  18. Sequential explanation of where all dining room can be and its impact as per each direction
  19. Bed room
  20. Meeting Room
  21. Makeup Room
  22. Bathroom
  23. Sequential explanation of where all bathroom can be and its impact as per each direction
  24. Dining Room
  25. Toilet
  26. Sequential explanation of where all toilet can be and its impact as per each direction
  27. Attached toilet /cum-=bathroom
  28. Sequential explanation of where all attached toilet /cum= bathroom can be and its impact as per each direction
  29. Study Room
  30. Sequential explanation of where all study room can be and its impact as per each direction
  31. Store Room
  32. Sequential explanation of where all bar can be and its impact as per each directions
  33. Servants Room
  34. Guest Room
  35. Paying guest room
  36. Shoe rack
  37. Dustbin
  38. Broom

Vastu Course in Delhi

Vastu is the shaastra of heading that joins every one of the five components of nature and offset them with the man and Learn Vastu Course in Delhi, Certificate course in Vastu, Diploma course in Vastu, Advanced Course in Vastu with inside planning, Advanced Course in Astro-vastu, Research in= Vastu, Vastu Classes, Vastu Institute in Delhi.

Vastu Shastra is making an amiable settings or a spot to live or work, in most logical way taking benefits of the advantages gave by the five components called “Pancha Bhootas” of the nature in this manner preparing for improved wellbeing, riches, thriving and bliss in an edified climate.

                Courses advertised:

  1. Declaration course in Vastu.
  2. Certificate course in Vastu
  3. High level Course in Vastu
  4. High level Course in Vastu with inside planning
  5. High level Course in Astro-vastu

Vastu Consultant in Pira Garhi, Rohini

Astrodhaam Vastu endeavors to coordinate old Vastu Consultant in Pira Garhi, Rohini ability with contemporary learning strategies and their application. We need to give our understudies the certainty that having the Vastu experience would assist them with standing apart from the rest and achieve their objectives. Our staff is focused on giving great instruction and Vastu Consultant in Pira Garhi, Rohini Nagar in a safe learning atmosphere, guaranteeing that every student gives opportune and powerful preparation.

About Acharya Dimple ji

Acharya Dimple ji is a notable name among the world’s top Vastu Shastra advisors. It is committed to dispersing age-old Indian culture and history for it to prosper globally and establish an advantageous climate for the whole human race. She is notable for offering the best through Vastu illustrations.

What Is Vastu Shastra?

Master Brahma is said to have made Vastu Shastra, an old study of engineering. Ruler Brahma’s psyche conceived child, Lord Vishwakarma, is viewed as the world’s most memorable planner. He was responsible for planning and planning a few structures for Gods. He utilized Vastu thoughts to combine the powers of the five components, which are fire, earth, water, air, and space.

Vastu thoughts were subsequently cherished in numerous shastras and Vedas, and their presence can in any case be felt in Mahabharat and Ramayan. Today, we utilize these standards to explore and adjust the five components related to the actual climate or Architecture of a home, office, school, school, clinic, market, or other structure built for human solace.

Vastu Shastra is a customary Indian engineering wonder that traces all the way back to antiquated India. Vastu Shastra is in accordance with standard Hindu and Buddhist convictions. Techniques for incorporating plan and nature are proposed. Vastu tries to annihilate pessimistic energy and increment positive energy at a site or area with the goal that an individual, family, or even a business can flourish and grow.

Advantages Of Vastu tips for home

The sun, moon, climate, light, heat, earth, electrical, gravitational, and heavenly energies are completely consolidated in Vastu. Such emphatically blended powers favor the proprietor of a living space of presence and timeless thriving the most.

                Types of Commercial Vastu:-

  1. Office Vastu
  2. Educational Vastu
  3. School Vastu
  4. College Vastu
  5. University Vastu
  6. Hospital Vastu
  7. Bank Vastu
  8. Shop Vastu
  9. Malls Vastu
  10. Hotel Vastu
  11. Restaurants Vastu
  12. Cinema Halls Vastu
  13. Factory Vastu
  14. Flats Vastu
  15. Apartment Vastu

                 Vastu & Astrology Kundali Vastu

  1. l effects of starting house construction at a wrong time Muhurat
  2. Consideration off the
  3. Sleeping stage of land
  4. Vastu Puja
  5. Foundation (Shilanyas)
  6. Auspicious beginning of Boring (Boring Muhurt)
  7. Auspicious beginning of house construction
  8. Auspicious beginning of house access
  9. Special house access timing ,Saptsakar
  10. Objects used during beginning of house construction
  11. As per Shastras, when, where and how to begin digging
  12. Where should first pillar be and how to proceed for the rest
  13. Things to be kept during Foundation