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Astrology Remedies Course in Dwarka Mor

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Our Astrology Course

Remedies Course

According to this knowledge, the horoscope is made based on the position of the planet, star or constellation in the sky at the time of a person’s birth. The future of the person is predicted by studying the nine planets and 27 constellations based on the twelve zodiac signs. The said knowledge has been divided into many parts, but in the modern era mainly four are considered.


Lal Kitab

Solutions based on traditional and local cultural experiences have been suggested in Lal Kitab. In this, on one hand Vastushastra has been talked about and on the other hand, oceanic science has been discussed.


Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, mainly the effects of planets and stars are studied. There are some groups of stars around this orbit, which are called constellations. And 12 zodiac signs have been formed from these 27-star clusters i.e., constellations. Which are known as follows. 1-Aries, 2-Taurus, 3-Gemini, 4-Cancer, 5-Leo, 6-Virgo, 7-Libra, 8-Scorpio, 9-Sagittarius, 10-Capricorn, 11-Aquarius, 12-Pisces.


Tarot Card

Tarot card is a wonderful and ancient form of astrological prediction, through which an attempt is made to see the events happening in the future, assess them and solve the problems related to them. In this, cards marked with different types of designs and pictures are used.

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