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Best Astrology Online Course in Dwarka

If You Are Searching Best Astrology Online Course in Dwarka, Call Now +91-9873530830, Bhrigu Nandi Nadi, Lal Kitab Course, Vedic Astrology Course, Tarot Card Course, Numerology Course, Reiki Healing Advance and Professional Course Online & Offline Classes Available. Astrology Have Experience 10 Years in the Field of Astrology Free Demo Class Available.

Our Astrology Courses

Lal Kitab

It will provide complete information about various types of events happening in your life and will help in unveiling your future. It will also tell you what kind of results you can get in terms of different aspects of your life.


Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology uses the positions of the stars or constellations to calculate the actual positions of the planets, while Western astrology is based on the position of the Sun on the spring equinox.



Numerology is a unique subdivision which shows the importance of numbers in our lives, in which some numbers and names can be auspicious and some inauspicious. Numerology helps any person to choose between these pairs of numbers.


Tarot Card

3 card personal tarot card readings provide an exclusive insight into the answers your heart is seeking. A person’s life is a combination of what is destined and what can be controlled.

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