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Best Palmist in India

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Every person’s palm and its size are different in this whole world. The lines and symbols in the palm of every person are also different. According to the experts of palmistry, apart from the lines and signs on the hand of a person, its future can be estimated by looking at the shape of the palm.


Love Problem

Often there are many such cases in which boys and girls fall in love with each other. But when it comes to their marriage, there are many hurdles in their marriage just because the caste of both the lovers is different. we have a solution for this problem


Marriage Problem

If both the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu are in the fifth place in the horoscope, then the chances of love marriage are formed. In such a situation, people become successful in taking their love to marriage, but there is a possibility of many problems at the time of love marriage. Sometimes due to relatives, family members or any other person some or the other problem persists.


Child Birth Problem

Every parent wishes that their future child should be virtuous, cultured, strong, healthy and long lived. In Vedic astrology, many rites have been told from birth to death. The first of which is considered to be the sacrament of pregnancy. In astrology, some remedies have been given during pregnancy, taking care of which, the child born is virtuous and cultured.

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