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Best Palmist in Najafgarh

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Love Problem

In which situation our love relationship will be good and in which situation it will be bad, only the position of the planets in any person’s horoscope determines how his married life or love relationship will be.


Marriage Problem

According to Hindu astrology, due to any defect in the horoscope, there are obstacles in marriage, due to which there is delay in marriage. If the boy and girl get married on time, then along with the parents, many of their own worries end. It is believed that it depends on our luck that when and with whom will we get married.


Health Problem

If you feel that diseases have suddenly encamped in your home. If someone or the other in the family remains ill every day, then along with the treatment of the doctor, you can also try some astrology and Vastu remedies, because sometimes a person remains extremely ill due to bad planets.


Court Case Problem

There are certain houses and planets in astrology, from which your cases and court cases can be easily detected. Your birth chart clearly indicates whether you will get involved in court proceedings or not and if you do get involved in a case, then the measures to avoid it can also be found out from your birth chart.

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