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Best Palmistry Course in Najafgarh 

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Our Astrology Courses

Palmistry Course

A person’s future can be seen through palmistry. It is easy to learn this form of astrology. We just need to know about the lines formed on the palm and the raised mountains. While looking at the palm, you should first look at the shape of the fingers, thumb and the palm. There is a need to understand the difference between these two hand lines and their structure.


Tarot Card

The Tarot Card Method is a three-card method. During this method, the future is known with the help of three cards. During the three-card method, three cards are used to tell the past, future and present situations. These three cards represent different problems and suggestions together.


Face Reading

To study the face, every part of the face is studied in depth. A person’s behavior, nature and destiny are analyzed on the basis of forehead lines, shape of eyebrows, color and shape of eyes, shape of cheeks, shape of nose, shape and color of lips, shape of chin and shape of face. Face reading course is a very good medium to know the future.


Bhrigu Nandi Nadi

When someone goes to an astrologer to know their future through Nadi astrology method. Then first of all the thumb impression of their right hand is taken from men and the thumb impression of their left hand is taken from women. The astrologer reads the palm leaf which matches the life of the questioner and predicts the questioner’s future.

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