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Face Reading Classes in Dwarka Sector 11

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Face is the mirror of our personality and the art of reading face is called “Face Reading”. The face talks about your future and upcoming challenges.


It is an age-old art of analyzing the personality of a person based on his facial features. It is basically a technique through which you identify the personality of someone by looking at their facial features.


To study the face, each and every part of the face is studied in depth. A person’s behaviour, nature and destiny are analyzed on the basis of forehead lines, shape of eyebrows, col or and shape of eyes, shape of cheeks, shape of nose, shape and colour of lips, shape of chin and shape of face.


If we carefully look at the structure of a person’s forehead, eyebrows, chin, eyes etc., his nature and personality can be known to a great extent. Known here what the shape of the forehead and the marks on it say about personality.                                                          

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