Jupitar in 8th House | Impact of Jupitar in 8th House| Jupitar in 8th House Astrology

The eighth house is considered to be a mysterious house. It shows the inclination towards the secret knowledge of the jataka. A person’s longevity or accidental accidents are also assessed from this house. The result of Jupiter can be ascertained by the force of Jupiter in the eighth sense. Jupiter’s presence in the eighth house generally makes the jataka comfortable, talented, generous and mysterious. The jataka also has to work hard in life.

Jupiter in this house indicates the longevity of the father, grandfather or the jataka himself when it is strong. The jataka will be healthy and free from diseases. He will be virtuous with a deep knowledge of religious and sacred books.

Other people can take advantage of the simplicity of such a person. If Jupiter is weak and has an unlucky planet at the roots of Jupiter, humiliation cannot be ruled out in life.


Worship Vasnu.

Don’t wear garlands etc

Wear a gold or yellow thread around your neck. Donate 200 grams of gram dal to a temple for 8 days.

Hold pure gold around your neck. The strays continued to donate to the sadhu’s pyalaya-katore.

Wrap the tax.



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