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Learn Astrology | Learn Astrology Online  Call Now +91-9873530830, If you are searching for Learn Astrology | Learn Astrology Online then Acharya Dimple ji is Delhi based Famous Astrologer with a clientele spread around the globe. She is considered the Best astrologer in Delhi by his clients. Contact him for Online Astrology Consultation.


Astro Dhaam is a one stop solution for all your problems, We offer Authenticity and Genuinity in astrological predictions. By analysing birth details of a person we provide result oriented solutions. We have 2000+ happy clients from across the globe and clients satisfaction is the main thing which we are majorly focussed. Astrology is the second name of the God, which is not spread in only one part of the cosmos, In this whole universe planets play a very important role Stars have their own specific role and only because of this amazing science one comes to know about their future. Best part is that it shows us the right path to know who we are and why we were born, What was our past life karma and what is the desire of our current life. Nothing happens without a reason and that specific reason becomes very clear when we come to know everything about us Via an Astrologer, Palmist or Numerologist. Occult science is having a very wide area and Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot card reading, Vastu are few of them.


Astrological services are growing day by day across the globe reason is very simple every one or another person is having some problem either its Educational issue , Marriage issue, Relationship issue, Child Birth issue, Health issue, Mortgage Issue, Home issue or Itigation issue and because of this nowadays there is a very high demand of astrologers worldwide. There are some clients who shows a lot of interest when someone does their predictions or tell them something about their future.


It never happens in a day takes a lot of hard work and dedication with patience to become an astrologer and that is the reason we also focus on providing certification courses at a nominal fee. We are giving our best from past 11 years and its our promise that your life will change after taking consultations with us because our prediction accuracy is 98.99 % and our feedback and reviews are quite enough to let you know about us.


Our Service once you try never will ask when what why


Services which we provide under one roof    


Lal-Kitab Astrology



Face Reading’

Vedic Astrology


Tarot Card


Acharya Dimple Ji is Serving in the area of Astrology and occult science from past 9 years. She has done P.hd from a reputed college with Masters & Bachelors in Astrology and has done numerous courses in occult science. She has been teaching Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Lal Kitab, Tarot card, herapy from past 9 Years and her many candidates have been placed in so many Astrological companies like From childhood only she was inclined towards astrology and because of this she turned her dream into reality. Her predictions accuracy is 98.99% and remedies provided by her are very much powerful. People see getting drastic results in few days only. Her predictions charges are very less comparison to others but the way she explains the events in a series makes the clients feel as if again the same scenario happened in front of him/her. She is very much polite and her positiveness towards her work makes her stand top of the crowd.


There are so many astrologers who give genuine and general remedies but having an expertise in Lal Kitab makes Acharya Dimple remedies specific and in short span of time only results are very much effective wherever her clients are they treat her like a family member and that’s what he has earned in her profession. She solves every single problem in a very easy and at an cost effective way either its Marital issues, Health issues, Child Birth issues, Business issues, Educational career issues any hurdles which a clients can face in his/her life.


Everything cant be solved from Medicine so many thing requires an another field also and that is astrology because the answers you cant get anywhere here you easily come to know.


So if you really want to change your life and looking for exact solutions to your current ongoing problems contact Acharya Dimple Ji.




Directions matters a lot while making home or office and planets play a major role in that so for keeping balance into your life and to maintain energy level Vastu must be done properly. If vastu is done properly you will always excel in life, careerwise and there will be financial stability also.  Everywhere there will be peace


Environment at every home or office tells a lot about the physical strength and success ratio of the person living there. Vastu helps a lot in overcoming so many problems which unknowingly so many people are not aware of, so many diseases, marriage issues, educational issues can be cured by just doing proper vastu and giving all the lord of planets right place & right direction and by doing this ill effect of planets can be reduced to a greater level.




Numbers play a major role into our life and that is why everyone is blessed with a specific DOB. You can customize and pre plan your life if you know in the beginning only magic of numbers and their effects on your life




Every person has an unique identity and so is the hand your palm says a lot about your existing life , Your career, Your family , Your education. It speaks a lot about your personality. So many things can be revealed just by seeing your palm.


Face Reading


A Science by which just by seeing your face so many things can be revealed like your nature, your way of expression , what are the things you like the most, What is the most painful area of your life. Your face is like a gateway to know so many hidden secrets about you.


Tarot Reading


All of sudden so many times we require an urgent Yes/No type answer and at so many phases we feel as if we have got stucked in our life at many points at that time by reading your energy a Tarot Card Reader tells a lot about you and accuracy level is very much high its like an angel guidance or Universal guidance given to you.


Learn Astrology | Learn Astrology Online

Lal Kitab Course
Vedic Astrology Course
Tarot Card Reading
Astro Vastu 

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