Learn Jyotish Shastra Course in Pitampura

Learn Jyotish Shastra Course in Pitampura

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Our Astrology Courses

Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab Predictions are different from traditional astrology remedies. Astrology basically has two parts. One of these is principle and the other is result. In the Siddhanta side, there is that part of astrology which is related to astronomical calculations and out of these calculations, the calculations which are used in astrology have been used.


Vedic Astrology

If Vedic astrology is defined then it would be said that Vedic astrology is a science or scripture which studies the zodiac signs and constellations along with the planets moving in the sky like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury. To understand the zodiac signs and zodiac cycles, understand the constellations. It is necessary because the zodiac signs are made up of constellations only.



According to numerology, every number has a hidden meaning in itself. And by being born under the influence of a particular number, the qualities of that number get transferred to the person. Numerology is sometimes called the simplest form of astrology because it involves predictions of a person’s future based on numbers.


Tarot Card

Tarot card is such a prediction course in which we can know about our future and what is going to happen next. There are 78 cards in tarot card from which the future can be known.

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