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Love Marriage Expert in Dwarka Sector 11

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Love Problem

From astrology, we can know that in which situation the condition of our love relationship will be good and in which situation it will be bad, the position of the planets in any person’s horoscope determines how his married life or love relationship will be. The fifth house in any person’s horoscope is considered to be of love.


Marriage Problem

The string of marriage relationship is very delicate. It takes a lot of effort to handle it. Despite this, there are problems in the married life of some people, when there is no friendship between the husband and wife’s zodiac signs, then such a problem arises, if there is enmity between the planets, then there is a dispute every day.


Health Problem

According to astrology, planets are also related to diseases. Every planet is considered to be the causative element of one or the other disease. If the planet is auspicious in a person’s horoscope, along with financial benefits, the person’s health also remains good. And if the position of the planets in the horoscope is not auspicious.


Court Case Problem

There are certain houses and planets in astrology, from which your cases and court cases can be easily detected. Your birth chart clearly indicates whether you will get involved in court proceedings or not and if you do get involved in a case, then the measures to avoid it can also be found out from your birth chart.

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