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Online Vastu Consultancy in Tilak Nagar 

If You Are Searching Online Vastu Consultancy in Tilak Nagar, Call Now +91-9873530830, Home Vastu, Office Vastu, Bathroom, Bank Vastu, Shops Vastu, School Vastu, is Available in Astrodham. We also have the facility of Vastu Shastra Services, Vastu Consultant, Vastu Shastra Expert, Vastu Tips for Home with 10 Years of Experience in the Field of Astrology.

Vastu Types

Home Vastu

Vastu has great importance in astrology and a person should build his house on its basis. Because if a person prepares the map of his house following the rules of Vastu Shastra, then he gets a lot of benefits. But if he does not follow Vaastu rules then he has to face negativity in life. Besides, many types of problems also arise in his life.


Office Vastu

Along with home, Vaastu is also taken care of in shop, business, factory, office etc. because from there our livelihood depends and if it stops then everything will be ruined. In such a situation, many people take full care of Vaastu.


School Vastu

Every aspect of school is important for every child, be it the classroom, the entrance, the blackboard, the teachers’ desk or the principal’s cabin. Vastu for school guides us keeping in mind every aspect of the school. The success of the school and the students depends on many Vaastu factors.


Bank Vastu

Bank is a place where safety and security is the primary concern as all monetary transactions take place in the bank. Since banks deal with money, it is important that Vaastu norms are followed while designing the layout of the bank.

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