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Relationship Problem in Hari Nagar

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Love Problem

How to solve Love Problem – When we come in a new relationship? So, the world of our dreams is in the sky. But when the same relationship becomes old, then there are so many problems in our love relationship. Which is not easy to bear. Then we think, how to solve the problem of love? How can we get rid of our love problem? How do we keep our Girlfriend/Boyfriend happy? Now we have all the answers


Marriage Problem

A new life begins in everyone’s life after marriage. Getting married at a certain time is also a challenge. Some people get very worried about not getting the marriage relationship between the boy and the girl. According to astrology, there are obstacles in marriage due to unfavourable position of planets in the horoscope or due to Mars defect in the horoscope.


Career Problem

Career stress has a bad effect on his family, social life. On the other hand, frequent job changes or job loss breaks it at the economic level. Many times, the loss of job for a few months plunges him into huge debt or gives such a loss that it takes him a long time to get back on track.


Kundali Analysis

What is dasha in horoscope analysis? Dasha is an important state of a planet in a person’s life. And according to astrology there are 43 different types of dasha systems. When the planet is powerful or situated in its exalted sign, the dasha is known as Poorna dasha.

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