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Tarot Card Classes in Mohan Garden

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Our Astrology Courses

Tarot Card

Tarot card is a wonderful and ancient form of astrological prediction, through which an attempt is made to see the events happening in the future, assess them and solve the problems related to them. In this, cards marked with different types of designs and pictures are used, which in themselves have a different meaning.


Lal Kitab

‘Lal Kitab’ is an independent and unique book based on fundamental principles of astrology. It has some personal characteristics of its own, which are different from other theoretical or experimental astrology texts. Its biggest feature is to give the message to the person to take the help of ‘tricks’ to avoid the ill effects of the planets.


Vedic Astrology

If Vedic Astrology is defined then it would be said that Vedic Astrology is a science or scripture which studies the zodiac signs and constellations along with the planets moving in the sky like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and these celestial elements which influence the life of the earth and its inhabitants on the earth. Analyzes how people are affected.

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