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Tarot Card Reader in Dwarka

If You Are Searching Tarot Card Reader in Dwarka, contact us +91-9873530830, Tarot Card, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Lal Kitab, Reiki Healing Basic Advance and Professional Course Online & Offline Classes Available. Free Demo Class Available. We Have 10 Years of Experience in the Field of Astrology.

Our Astrology Courses

Tarot Card Course

Tarot card reader is one of the wonderful and ancient methods of astrology, through which efforts are made to see, assess and solve the problems related to future events. In this, cards marked with different types of designs and pictures are used, which in themselves carry a different meaning.


Lal Kitab Course

Lal Kitab is considered unique in Vedic astrology as it is a branch that describes how the positions of certain planets in one’s horoscope are reflected in the lines on their palm. That’s why it is also known as astrology-palm line.


Vedic Astrology Course

The combination of the planets located in the sky at the time of your birth and date of birth in the form of a special cycle is called Kundali Chakra or Lagna Chakra. Kundali is based exclusively on Vedic astrology. In a broad sense, the position of the planets, dasha analysis, defects formed in the horoscope and their remedies, combination of special yogas in the magazine, auspicious views of the planets, etc. are included in the entire horoscope.


Numerology Course

Numerology has special importance in astrology. In numerology, every planet has its own special number. That is, different numbers have been fixed for all the planets. Like the number 1 has been fixed for the Sun. That is, one number is dedicated to Lord Surya.

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