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 In astrology, your birth horoscope or birth chart is referred to as Janam Kundali or Kundli in Sanskrit in Vedic astrology. Kundali is Graphical representation of Planets at the time of your Birth in a specific method developed by ancient yogis. Kundali is created by taking details such as your Your Full name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. There are 9 Planets , Sun (su) , Moon (Moo) , Mars (Ma), Mercury (Me),Jupiter (Ju) , Venus (Ve) , Saturn (Sa) , Rahu (Ra) , Kethu (ke) is like Light house. The planetary positions at the time of birth play a very important in everyones life.

Palmistry :

Helping you find your fate, in your hands!

When we say your fate is in your hands, it’s true in a way. Using the ancient Samudrika Shastra of palmistry, you can endeavor to solve the mysteries in your present life and get an idea of what the future holds for you. You might be wondering now, ‘how can I find the most genuine and best palmist near me?’. But don’t worry, we read your mind about that. At Astrology Creative, it won’t be just any famous palmist in Indian who assists you, but we take pride in giving you genuine results with the best palmist in India.

Horoscope :

The zodiac signs are divided into three major types ie. cardinal signs, fixed signs, and mutable signs. These three modalities of the zodiac sign are based on how we function and express ourselves in this world.


hile fixing marriage, kundli matching is very much important to find out compatibility through astrological predictions. The purpose of this matching is to ensure the compatibility and other factors that are needed to build a viable relationship that would last for the rest of their lives. It is essential to have prior idea about the nature, perspective towards life and compatibility between the couples to be. Kundli Matching is a very important aspect while looking for a life partner.


Who doesn’t want money? Money is our sole means and is known to make our existence smooth and comfortable. If you come across someone who says money is not important to him/her that person for sure is lying. The primary means to ensure that you are blessed with abundance is to make sure that you keep Lord Kuber happy. He is the God of Wealth and if you keep him happy

here will never be a shortage on anything in your life. So how do you keep Lord Kuber happy? Contact to Astro Dhaam


If you are uncertain about Education/Career/Business your profession, not getting certain results/promotions/earnings, have problems working with colleagues/boss, adversaries within the business, etc. then this is one of the best platforms for you to raise a question for assistance.


Astrology helps individuals understand more about themselves and leverage their strengths and pivot their weaknesses into something worthwhile. It imbibes the properties of clarity, hope, optimism, and helps individuals fight the battle of life seamlessly.

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