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Vedic Astrology Classes in Hauz Khas

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Our Astrology Courses

Vedic Astrology

Everyone has the desire to know their future and the only way to know it is astrology. There are many parts of astrology of which Vedic astrology is considered to be the most ancient. In Vedic astrology, mainly the effects of planets and stars are studied. Earth is a kind of planet in the solar system. Its inhabitants are influenced by the Sun and the planets of the solar system.


Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab is also called Arun Samhita. Some astrologers also consider Lal Kitab to be a combination of palmistry and planetary constellations of the horoscope. This tells us that the position of some planets in someone’s horoscope is definitely visible in the lines of their palm.



Numerology has special importance in astrology. In numerology, all the planets have their own special number. That means, different numbers have been fixed for all the planets, which is helpful in seeing our future.


Tarot Card

Tarot card astrology is a wonderful and ancient form of divination, through which an attempt is made to see future events, assess them and solve the problems related to them. There are 78 cards in a tarot deck, which are suitable for every person. Are based on events from the life of.

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