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Vedic Astrology Course in Rohini

Hello Friends Are You Searching Vedic Astrology Course in Rohini Contact us +91-9873530830 Acharya Dimple, Numerologist Course, Lal Kitab Course, Taro Reading, Vedic Course, Basic Advance and Professional Course Online and Offline Session Available. We have 10 years of experience in the field of Astrology. Free Demo Class is Available.

What Will We Learn In This Course

Lal Kitab Course

In Lal Kitab, easy solutions have been given for the problems that come in every area of life. The remedies mentioned in this book are home remedies which can be easily adopted by rich, poor and all other classes of people. In Lal Kitab, the planet has been taken except the sign.


Vedic Astrology Course

In Vedic astrology, mainly the effect of planets and moon is studied. Earth is a type of planet in the Solar System. Its residents are influenced by the sun and the planets of the solar system, such is the belief of astrology. In Vedic astrology, information about 12 zodiac signs has been given. Vedic remedies are home remedies, they also do not harm.


Tarot Card Course

Tarot cards work like a horoscope in astrology, through which you can try to see the events that will happen in the future. In this, information about the cards marked with different types of designs and pictures is given, which in itself has a different meaning. Let’s keep


Numerology Course

Numerology is the science of numbers. The future and answers to all types of astrological questions can be known on the basis of numbers. All numbers have an impact in life, all work is completed on the basis of numbers. Numbers are the means of expressing year, month, side, date, hour, minute and second.

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