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Vedic Astrology Courses in Delhi 

If You Are Searching Vedic Astrology Courses in Delhi, Call Now +91-9873530830, Face Reading Course, Palmistry Course, Bhrigu Nandi Nadi, Lal Kitab Course, Vedic Astrology Course, Tarot Card Course, Numerology Course, Reiki Healing.

Our Astrology Course

Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab is an Indian ancient astrology that provides an effective guideline on how to attract prosperity, abundance and wealth in life. These suggestions are given on the basis of planetary positions and Nakshatras and people can find many ways to improve their financial condition by attracting money.


Vedic Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu Ketu are recognized as Navagraha. Vedic astrology reveals what is happening in our lives and how we can correct it.



In numerology, numbers have a special place. In numerology, every person has a face number which is called number master and your fate is assessed through this number master.


Bhrigu Nadi Nadi

Accurate Predictions: Bhrigu Nadi astrology is known for its accuracy in predicting the future. A Bhrigu Nadi Astrologer can provide highly accurate predictions about various aspects of life including career, relationships, health and finance.

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