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Vedic Astrology Courses in Rohini Sector 4

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Our Astrology Course

Vedic Astrology

If Vedic astrology is defined then it would be said that Vedic astrology is a science or scripture which studies the zodiac signs and constellations along with the planets moving in the sky like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury. All the planets spend some time while traveling in their transit. Let’s stop at the zodiac signs and tell our respective horoscopes.


Bhrigu Nandi Nadi

The main feature of Nadi Astrology is that if the questioner knows his date of birth, birth constellation, Vaar and Lagna, then he can easily find out the palmistry. This method is also best for those who do not know their date of birth and time of birth.


Face Reading

Your face reflects your personality” which means that there is a strong connection between our facial features and personality. Face reading is the practice of reading someone’s character, personality, abilities, or traits. Palmistry is well known to us and it is a common way of telling about our destiny.



When a line runs vertically in the middle part of a person’s palm, it is called fate line. It means that a person can achieve many achievements and success in his career according to his hard work.

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