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Vedic Astrology Training in Dwarka Sector 2

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Our Astrology Course  

Lal Kitab

According to Lal Kitab, if any planet or constellation affects a person’s body, then its good or bad symptoms are seen on the body accordingly. Due to the good or bad nature of the said planet, not only the physical condition of the person changes but also the surrounding environment and Vaastu changes.


Vedic Astrology

It focuses on the influence of celestial bodies on human life. Vedic astrology predicts the future, understands personality, and helps in decision making. Over the ages, Vedic astrology has evolved through the contributions of renowned scholars and sages.



Like astrology, numerology is also considered an important part of astrology. Numerology uses certain rules of mathematics to assess various aspects of a person’s life and predicts their future life. According to numerology, every number is related to an energy, which affects a person’s life.


Tarot Cards

The origin of the word Tarot is mysterious. Tarot is not just a word, it is future and life. Tarot card reading is a kind of cartomancy, in which practitioners use Tarot cards to get information about the past, present or future.

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