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Vedic Astrology Training in Sainik Nagar Delhi 

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 Our Astrology Course 

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology, also known as Vedanta Astrology, is a part of ancient Indian Astrology. It is an astrological science in which the planets, constellations, zodiac signs, and their positions are studied and it is used to calculate and predict the future, personal life, health, karma, festivals and other routines.



The lines on the hands throw light on the present, past and future of a person. When the personality and life of a person is seen by reading the lines on the palm, then it is called Palmistry. Through this, you can get information about your health, wealth, family, happiness, sorrow, business, prosperity and marriage from here.


Numerology Course

There are many ways to find out the future of a person in our Hindu religion and astrology. Like the position of planets in the horoscope, Samudrik Shastra, Numerology. So in this, the root number is also a part of numerology. With the help of which a person’s personality and his future can be found out.


Face Reading

The interpretation of character and destiny by studying a person’s face is called ‘face reading’. Face reading is an ancient art that examines a person’s character through facial features.

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