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Jyotish Shastra Classes in Dwarka Sector 13

If You Are Searching Jyotish Shastra Classes in Dwarka Sector 13, Call Now +91-9873530830, Face Reading Course, Palmistry Course, Bhrigu Nandi Nadi, Lal Kitab Course, Vedic Astrology Course, Tarot Card Course, Numerology Course, Reiki healing free demo Class Available.

Our Astrology Courses

Lal Kitab Course

Lal Kitab is also called Arun Samhita. Some astrologers also consider Lal Kitab to be a combination of palmistry and planetary constellations of the horoscope. It tells us how many types of remedies have been provided to us in Lal Kitab, which bring a lot of changes in our lives.


Vedic Astrology

If Vedic Astrology is defined then it would be said that Vedic Astrology is a science or scripture which studies the zodiac signs and constellations along with the planets moving in the sky like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury and these celestial elements which influence the life of the earth and its inhabitants on the earth. Analyses how people are affected.


Astrology Course

In today’s time astrology is one of the best solutions for all the problems, if a person creates problems in his personal life, then the first thing that comes to mind is basically astrology for personal life or anything. The best solution.


Tarot Card

Tarot cards talk about your life and also give information about your future and present. Like astrology, palmistry, numerology etc., tarot has always been one of the primary tools for divination.

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