Professional Astrology Lal Kitab course in Janakpuri

Professional Astrology Lal Kitab course in Janakpuri

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Lal Kitab Course

Maritime science and Vastu Shastra have also been included in Lal Kitab. The Lal Kitab is basically a book based on palmistry. Each region is defined differently in Lal Kitab. By following these a person can get maximum benefits.


Vedic Astrology

Special use of mathematics was made in this teaching. It is believed that the development of astronomy has happened from astrology itself. In Vedic astrology, mainly the effect of planets and constellations is studied. Earth is a type of planet of the solar system. Its residents are influenced by the sun and the planets of the solar system.



Numerology is the science of making predictions with the help of numbers. Man’s basic desire to know his future is fulfilled by numerology. Various aspects of human existence can be looked into by the practical application of mathematical rules in numerology.


Tarot Cards

There are a total of 78 tarot cards used in tarot reading. The world of Tarot cards is described as a very mysterious world. Those people who believe in occult science are more interested in tarot card horoscope. These cards are helpful in solving the problems of personal life.

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